Having recently discovered the punk music of the Sex Pistols, the Ramons, the Dead Milkmen, and others, sometime around 1983 Dan, Dave and Nick borrowed their brothers and friends instruments to start making noise. (And oh God was it noise!)

Somehow they kept playing and starting writing a few of their own songs. Before long they were playing live shows at Steve Deutsch's house. At some point around this time Frank DiNatale played various songs on bass (usually when Dan was only singing).

With Frank only being part time in the band, somehow the word got out (probably through Dennis Drake, our sound guy) and famed Addison Trail guitarist, Tom Counian, joined full-time on bass and guitar. Thus the final original Not Rebecca line-up was formed and by 1991 or so, we played at won the Battle Of The Bands down in UofI Champaign-Urbana.

More coming soon...